What We Do

Porterfield Studios are your marketing and branding experts specializing in 3D & 2D designs and fabrication. Scroll down to learn more about our products or click one of the links below to skip to a specific section.



3D Custom Sculptures

SculptureMake a BIG impact with your marketing concept. Need a giant gorilla? How about a toucan on your wall? We’ve done it! Porterfield Studios can take almost any idea and turn it into a full 3D sculpture of nearly any size. With state-of-the-art production facilities, our skilled designers can scan objects to produce an exact enlarged replica, or design something entirely new. Our high quality processes ensure that there is little to no deviation from the original design to the finished product.


3D Event Decor & Scenery

EventCustomize your event décor for amazing visual impact that your guests will speak about for months after! Get exactly what you’re looking for, no need to piece together bits and pieces from a rental shop. Porterfield Studios can design and create set pieces, entrance arches, décor and scenery for any event theme. The best part is that our 3D pieces are designed to be durable and can be re-used or re-located for other purposes following the event.


3D Indoor & Outdoor Signs

SignGet the attention that you deserve! Signs are often the first thing customers see which can lead to a particular impression of your business. Porterfield Studios designs and manufactures 3D and 2D, indoor and outdoor, lit and unlit, custom signs. Our specialists will work with you to design signs that elevate your brand, and provide a big impact while meeting your marketing objectives.


3D Modeling

ModelPorterfield Studios’ modeling department creates custom 3D computer generated models that are used for the production of various industrial and non-industrial projects. The final models and images provide a 360 degree visual representation of designs to be manufactured, which can be used to help make strategic business decisions, and in the marketing of an upcoming product. Through computer generated CADD drawings, our designers will focus on your product’s functionality, fit, scale and more.


3D Parade Floats

ParadeEveryone loves parades! The designers at Porterfield Studios love them too! Floats are a fun way to gain attention, especially with 3D design elements. However, what do you do with the float when the parade is over? Not to worry, our floats are built in modular pieces so that you can remove elements and re-use them in different applications following the parade. This helps reduce waste and allows you to add fun décor or visual elements in your place of business! Our pieces are designed to last and be re-used over and over again, maximizing your investment in parade marketing.


Airbrush & Murals

MuralMore than just a wall! Porterfield Studios can transform any wall into a piece of art with our custom designed airbrush paintings and murals. The artists at Porterfield Studios are highly creative people who can paint almost anything that you can dream of. Airbrush paintings and murals are a cost effective way to dress up a standard wall to enhance your theme or to add a large visual marketing element. Applied directly to the wall surface, murals are durable, do not peel and can be easily touched up by our artists.


Auto Decals & Wraps

AutoGet noticed everywhere you go! Let Porterfield Studios turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard. Auto decals and wraps provide a great return on your marketing dollars through highly visible signage applied directly to your car or truck. Our talented designers are highly experienced in creating vehicle designs that attract the right attention to your business. The best part is that you’re noticed in multiple locations, which is an immense advantage over permanent static outdoor advertising.


Branding & Marketing

BrandingWe’re more than just design! Porterfield Studios works with its customers to develop branding and marketing strategies that are impactful and functional. Since we produce what we design, we are able to ensure that branding works across various applications including signs, letterhead, packaging and more! This means that you only need to work with one supplier for all your marketing needs, knowing that everything produced will work together seamlessly.


Retail Design

RetailRetail never looked so good! Porterfield Studios offers custom retail design, which includes everything from display cabinets and shelving to décor and architectural theme design. Want a tropical beach in your store? No problem! Our talented designers focus on creating exciting retail displays to enhance your customers’ experience ultimately increasing their desire to return and propensity to spend.